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Complete Kitchen Toy Vegetables and Fruits - Pretend play - Free shipping

Complete Kitchen Toy Vegetables and Fruits - Pretend play - Free shipping
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Vendor: Mummy & Baby Store
Type: Kitchen Toys
Price: 19.99

Pretending play is part of children's development, and is a beautiful stage filled with imagination and creativity. it is always fulfilling to see how they can visualise so many details of their day life in such a great way when they play. That's why we are loving to be part of this stage and to choose the right product that will make an impact on each child's stage and learning skills. 

Children love their pretend play toys, and they last for a long time because they will always keep going back to their old banana, or their old potato, or maybe the apple. Anything they owned for them is important because it is part of their history and learning experience. These toys are really great because they will be part of a daily routine of games, or parties where they can pretend play with friends, or part of their favourite games with mom and dad pretending to be coking together. Either way, this set includes many pieces that are very useful and children love to play with. You can enjoy the experience of watching them having a good time with their pretend play toy, or become part of the role sitting to play along with them.

We believe pretending play is a great way to provide a boost on the imagination, and to fill the children's mind with positive ideas that will make an impact on their future lives.

These complete kitchen set has been carefully chosen to provide a complete experience of the real life that revolves around the kitchen, which is a whole different an interesting world for children. The set comes with fruits and vegetables that will be part of the experience and games.


If you are looking for an interactive toy for your little one to spend time having fun and pretending play then have a look around our store because we have a whole range of great products that have been chosen based on our customers comments and feedback. 

Born squishy has the best quality of toys for children to have a great time, and for adults to relax. We do an extensive research of the best seasonal toys to offer, and like to base on customer experiences and their views and feedback from the toy. That is how we chose our toys. 

Have a go at our products and get the experience of playing with a great toy that will bring you joy and happiness immediately.

We stand for happiness, and that's what we look to offer our customers, with great and fun times!

All our products come with no hazel returns of 15 days. If you feel your squishy doesn't fulfil the intended purpose feel free to contact us and we will arrange your refund. 

We have been selling toys for a long time now, and know our customer needs. That's why you will get a good quality product from a serious company.

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